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If you are looking for a one-stop solution for your school management, Cowork School Management System (SMS) is the ultimate solution for all your needs.

School Management System
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School Management system
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School Management Information System - SMIS

School Management software

Nowadays, the school management system plays a vital role in school activities. This is why many school owners are spending huge amounts of money and resources purchasing school management systems in Pakistan. 

However, many school management system software vendors have adopted different business models, thereby affecting the price of school management systems. 

Our School Management System offers a wide range of features, which ensures enhanced compatibility and adaptability. Cowork school software system is equipped with a complete school administration solution. It can effectively integrate all school information administration requirements and efficiently manage them.

Our school software aims to provide online school operations, administration, management tools and student management information systems at affordable prices.

Our solutions are ideal for small and mid-size schools. They provide central administration, education management, school fee management software, student attendance management system, school timetable,  online attendance system, student management system, accounting software integration through our erp software.

Cowork Technologies is one of the leading school management system software providers. It has been in the business of developing web-based applications since 2007. 

School Management software free
free School Management software in pakistan

We offer a comprehensive range of web-based solutions that offer flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Our school system includes high school management and teaching program software, inventory management, asset management, online classes,  curriculum and courseware management system, school management reporting software, and school news software.

It also provides online teacher resources, training, content at an online teaching platform. Cowork school management software is best school software erp available in Pakistan.

We offer free demo and free school software for small schools with low number of students.

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

We do not charge for software. Our software is 100% free. We just charge for our support & services.

Yes, why not! This is best way to test before starting your service subscription with us

Our software is based on cloud hosting, completely online, and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. *Please note, we do not offer software to be used offline mode, due to maintenance issues.

Yes, our help document is available in pdf and HTML format. You can browse the help file online easily. in some cases videos tutorials are also available.

As you know, technology is rapidly changing and for this reason, we update our source code according to the latest technologies and integrations.

For making the software easy and scalable, we have restricted the locations feature, as it demonstrate complex options in the software and users are confused about these options. If you need to use the software for multiple locations and centralized control, please contact our customer service and we will be happy to assist you in this matter.

Yes! our software provides you all the options for learning management system-LMS including syllabus, assignments, homework, class test, online quiz test, and other documents upload.

Yes! all your data is 100% secure and anonymous, even Cowork Technical Support Team can not access your data unless you provide your security credentials. *We never access data of any client, even backups remain at your side and we can not access without your consent.

You can access our Live Chat, Customer Support Helpline, our helpdesk to generate support ticket or can write us directly at [email protected]

Yes! absolutely, we offer long term contract upto 10 years.

We regularly update our software for new features and if we update the software, we do not charge. But if the customer requires customizations, then for specific additional features, we may charge some amount as per requirement.

For our Cowork Community Members, our software is free for life and there are no annual or any hidden charges for our services.

If you refer 5 clients to Cowork Technologies and they subscribe to our service, you get the community member status and you can enjoy free service for a lifetime.

You can become Cowork Community Member and can get the status of Cowork Community Manager / Trainer / Leader, where you can earn great rewards and affiliate bonuses. *we guarantee success for both sides.

As per our policy, if you refer us 5 active subscribers, we offer you 100% Free School Management Software for Life.

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